Calculating Your Life Insurance Coverage Money

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Jakarta – Do you know what insurance coverage is? Maybe you are still restless or do not understand the word insurance coverage, including those of you who already have coverage dues. Simply put. Insurance coverage money is money that will be obtained later if the risk occurs. In terms of life premium is in case of death risk.

Who will receive the sum insured? You? Oh.. of course not! The heirs listed on the life insurance contribution policy will get the premium sum insured earlier. It’s not the one who dies later that gets. So don’t be happy first if offered a soul premium and then it is said ‘later you can get 200 million you know’. That’s what it gets if it dies. It could be the heirs, not us. uh you..

Well Rp 200 million is not quite good for heirs, right? The Javanese said, uakeh tenan… A lot of money… make children’s schools, make porto hayati everyday, to pay debts. That is the benefit of life insurance into protection. Not for the sprees of heirs you know! It can run out of Rp 200 million in a year.

The question is, is it enough to spend Rp 200 million? Have you ever asked? “I don’t understand sir. he was given it”, or even. I understand that there is a number like that, “because I can only pay a premium of Rp 500 thousand a month, I don’t pay attention to the amount of sum insured”, or another answer, “Don’t understand sir, emang dues coverage use sum insured huh? I was even given a number if my money grew.”

Hmm.. If your answer is still around that. You need to learn briefly about financial priorities. But we will not discuss about financial priorities in this paper yes, we want to discuss a little how to calculate the sum insured that is in sync with needs. Yes, as needed, not according to the ability to pay insurance premiums.

Take this step:1. Calculate your expenses in a month2. How old is your most mini child?3. Estimate your youngest child will be completed education how many more years4. Multiply 12 expenses per month & then multiply using the year your youngest child completed school5. Meet the sum insured…

For example, Mr. Mohamad Taufiq Ismail spends Rp 15 million per month. Her youngest child, Najwa, is 3 years old. Mr. Taufiq wants Najwa to follow education until the undergraduate level. Assuming admission to college later at the age of 17 years & graduated with cumlaude 4 years ago at the age of 21 years. Then Rp 15 million x 12 months x 18 years = Rp 3.24 billion. This means that Mr. Taufiq needs a life insurance sum insured worth Rp3.24 billion to claim his family life until his youngest child will be completed S1.

Simple, right? It’s just one of the methods of calculating the most premium sum insured…….. simple.

Your question is undoubtedly REALLY BIG SIR?????

That’s right, really big indeed, it is an estimate of Mr. Mohamad Taufiq Ismail’s expenditure during Najwa’s life until Najwa finishes college. It is hoped that Mr. Taufiq’s family can still live a decent life and his children’s education is guaranteed until college is completed.

How? Too big is the sum insured? The premium is undoubtedly expensive.

Mr. Mother… That’s the simplest method. There are several other methods, as a result we can calculate the amount of Sum Insured that is most in sync with your needs, and crucially you can undoubtedly pay the premium. Want more details? Yes study at a financial workshop, For July we hold a workshop for the city of Surabaya, info can be opened here & here. While making workshops in Jakarta information can be opened here.

May it be a little enlightening. (wdl/wdl)

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