15 Best Life Insurance in Indonesia 2021, Premiums and Benefits

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The number of life insurance products in Indonesia, may make you restless in choosing which is the best and most suitable for you?

Life insurance is a service provided by the insurance contribution company that aims to put protection on you based on financial losses.

This loss can be caused by the death of a family member who previously acted as a breadwinner or an accident that causes stigma as a result of which the policyholder cannot work.

Well, buying the best life insurance products can be used as a solution as well as anticipatory steps based on the adverse conditions earlier because this service has a variety of important benefits.

The benefits of the coverage dues in question include protection from the risk of death of the world, compensation for stigma, ensuring survival or heirs, and helping to manage finances properly and perfectly.

The following are recommendations for the best life insurance dues in Indonesia and their premium products & prices.

The 10 lists of life insurance contribution companies below are included in the list of Indonesian Life Insurance market leaders 2021 version of the Insurance Media Research Institute (LRMA).

It is worth noting that this article is not sorted based on the performance of the company and superior products. Prudential Life Assurance

PT Prudential Life Assurance or known as Prudential Indonesia is a subsidiary of Prudential plc from the United Kingdom that officially operates in Indonesia since 1995.

The performance of this insurance company is relatively good since launching an investment premium product (unit link) which was launched in 1999. In 2007, Prudential Indonesia expanded by establishing a Sharia Business Unit. The goal is to target all people.

This is proven to use representative offices circulating in all of Indonesia. In addition to the central workplace in Jakarta, Prudential is also present in Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Denpasar, Medan, and Batam as well as 371 Independent Marketing Offices (KPM) throughout Indonesia.

Until the end of 2020, Prudential Indonesia serves two.8 million insured supported by more than 243,000 licensed Marketers.

Benefits of Prudential Life Insurance:Bear losses if the insured dies in the world due to illness or accident.Health protection uses maintaining health, providing protection for families, and collateral for old age.Especially for unit link insurance, the insured not only receives protection, but also investment.

Advantages of Prudential Life Insurance:The cost of insurance is cheap and can be adapted using the ability of the insured.Fund management is regulated by a team of professionals and experts in their fields.Diverse coverage contribution productsFast serviceStable investment valueThe insurance contribution agent is aggressive on accompanying customers when making claims

Disadvantages of Prudential life insurance:Strict claims provisionsNo tolerance if found lack of documents time to make a claim

The best Prudential life insurance contribution options products along with the premium price:PRUuniversal LifePrice: from IDR 250,000/monthPRUlife CoverPrice: from Idr 400,000/monthPRUmy ChildPrice: from Idr 400,000/monthPRUsafe GuardPrice: for women Rp200-300 thousand/month, men Rp230-340 thousand/monthPRUlinkPrice: New Generation from Rp400 thousand per monthPRUlink Syariah New GenerationPrice: from Idr 400,000 per monthPRUlink Assurance AccountPrice: from Idr 400,000 per monthPRUlink Syariah Assurance AccountPrice: from Idr 400,000 per monthPRUlink Capital AccountPrice: from Idr 40 million (one pay/single premium)PRUlink Investor AccountPrice: from Idr 12 million (one pay/single premium)PRUlink Syariah Investor AccountPrice: from IDR 12 million (one-time pay/single coverage dues)PRUcorporate Life minimumPrice: Rp3 million per policy for five people per yearPRUcorporate Personal AccidentPrice: minimum RP3 million per policy for five people per yearSinar Mas Life Insurance

Sinar Mas Insurance Company was originally known to be a generic dues company. Along the way when the company which is a subsidiary of Sinar Mas Group is building a contribution unit that focuses on health, mental health, education, and pension funds. This is in line with the company’s vision to achieve prosperity and prosperity for its customers.

In order to strengthen the network and capital, Sinar Mas Insurance also cooperates using a Japanese Insurance company, Sumitomo Insurance. Until now Sinar Mas is also classified as the best life insurance company in Indonesia and the largest.

Advantages of Sinar Mas soul premium:Solvency ratio is high so rarely defaultsGood corporate governance and in accordance with applicable regulationsGuaranteed high investment value for a period when 3 yearsComplete product selectionShort coverage dues payment period

Sinar Mas’s lack of life insurance:Product information is less transparent

Sinar Mas Insurance also has a variety of products that put the best protection for Indonesians when the insured dies in the world whether it is due to an accident or something else. This is added using investments in the form of policy value. As for the period given coverage of each bhineka product.

Here are the best Sinar Mas life insurance options along with the premium price:Simas Sehat IncomePrice: from Rp1,200 per day.Simas FarmerPrice: Rp50 thousand per year.Simas ProtectionPrice: Rp50 thousand per yearMicro Healthy SimasPrice: Rp50 thousand per yearStop Eruptive BusinessPrice: Rp40 thousand per year.Allianz Life Singapore

Founded in 1980 in Germany, Allianz is the largest global health insurance and asset management company. In addition to health insurance, Allianz also has a life premium unit that puts a variety of product choices with relatively affordable coverage contribution prices.

Benefits of Allianz Life Insurance Indonesia:The end of the contract is undoubtedly if the insured is still living time approaching the expiration of the premium policyProviding compensation for critical illness & mental compensation if died not due to an accident.

Advantages of Allianz life insurance:Compensation for the impact of the accident is paid if the insured dies in the world within a period of 90 days since the accident was released.High solvency ratio in claims paymentsGood serviceQuick claimsCheap premiums

Disadvantages of Allianz life insurance:More or less clearly related to the guarantee of investment return

Here are unit link life insurance contribution products offered by Allianz Life:SmartLink Flexi Account Plus is priced using the price of coverage dues starting from Rp2.4 Million per yearSmartLink New Flexi AccountSmartLink Maxi Fund Plus

Note: the price of Allianz Life bhineka life insurance coverage dues. For more details you can access the product page on the company’s official website or contact the company’s premium agent & broker. AIA Financial

AIA Financial Indonesia or known as AIA is a leading life premium company in Indonesia from Shanghai, China. This company has various businesses, one of which is the soul premium.

AIA Life was also the first company to introduce bancassurance in Indonesia in 1990. Bancassurance can be defined as a premium product that cooperates with banks with their target customers, namely bank customers.

The banks that have collaborated with AIA Life include BCA, BJB, Bukopin, CIMB Niaga, Citibank, and BRI.

Advantages of having AIA Life life coverage contributions:High solvency rateQuick claimsAffordable insurance prices

Disadvantages of having AIA Life life insurance:The performance of the agent on the mention of the product is still lacking

The products offered include AIA Life AIA Power Pro Life, AIA Protection Prima Plus, AIA Protection Income Plan, AIA Priority Plus Assurance, AIA Proterm Protection, AIA Sakinah Assurance, AIA Prolink Assurance, AIA Infinite Link Assurance, AIA Infinite Plus Assurance, AIA Family First Protection, & AIA Sehat Hundred.

Regarding the premium price you can access the personal website of AIA Financial.AXA Mandiri Financial Services

AXA Mandiri Financial Services which was established from 1991 puts services dues contribution products dues to life insurance, health, critical illness, property, after-duty and old age funds, and education.

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