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Of course we already know using the name of insurance. Even so, people’s penetration of insurance is still very minimal. This is still seen from the growth of premiums that are still small. Still poly people who still do not care about using the importance of insurance. But please note, coverage contributions have several types such as, life premiums, loss premiums, health insurance, fire coverage contributions & accident insurance, etc. Of various types of premiums, generally the most interested are life coverage contributions & loss insurance.

Life insurance and loss insurance have a fairly important role. Because we don’t understand when we are sick, we don’t understand when we accident, we don’t know when our favorite items are gone. But using insurance, of course, it is able to minimize. Because we become holders of coverage dues can make claims against events or as much as we want. What is Loss Insurance

In principle, Insurance has the same meaning, namely the concept of risk management with efforts to transfer risk to other parties. But loss insurance is an effort to get protection against financial losses that will occur the impact of something unexpected. Such as, loss of impact goods, theft or fire.

Loss Insurance is commonly known as General Insurance or General Insurance, which will provide protection or collateral on our property. More generally, loss insurance is a type of insurance that will compensate us who are referred to as insured. Types of Loss Insurance Fire Insurance Sea Freight Insurance Motor Vehicle Insurance Ship Skeleton Insurance Construction All Risk (CAR) Property / Industrial All Risk Customs Bond Insurance Surety Bond Insurance Personal Accident Insurance Health Insurance and others

Please also note, in the loss coverage contribution, the coverage fee rate is still relatively small when compared to the risk that will occur by the insured. But will receive coverage that is maskimal in sync with the losses experienced. What is Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a type of premium that is widely used by the people of Indonesia. Life Insurance is a contribution to coverage that covers people against financial losses that can be caused due to death or life is too long. Life insurance has a definition that is, a rain contract between the policyholder and the insurance company. In the context of life insurance contributions, the insurance company will pay money in case of death to the policyholder. Life Insurance as Protection

We don’t understand what will happen tomorrow. To face something we do not want for example to be affected by a disaster and leave the family for good. Of course we need to anticipate. The best way to do this is to use joining using life insurance dues. Buy a life insurance contribution policy so that we and our families can get the sum insured to live after death.

Life Insurance can also be used as another way for long-term needs. Life insurance can be used to connect because of the nature of regular premium payments, must, and is not easy to take at any time. Types of Life Insurance Term Life Insurance (Term Life Insurance) Life Insurance (Whole Life Insurance) Dwiguna Life Insurance (Endowment Insurance)

Comparison of Life Insurance Products Insurance term life Insurance insurance whole lifeInument endowment InsurancePremiRendah (can be adapted to the ability of policyholders. Policy range starts based on Rp. 8,470 per day)Quite expensive (policy range from Rp. 300,000)Very expensive (coverage range from Rp. three,000,000 per year)Monthly, quarteran, quarteran, semester, and annual premium payments Monthly, quarteran, semesters, and annuals Monthly, quarteran, semester, & annual Length of protection Period (five, 10, 15 years, & so on)Lifetime (99 years)Term & life (1-99 years)Policyholder age15-75 years (depending on regulations) Lifetime (99 years)Term & life (1-99 years)Policyholder age15-75 years (depending on the rules) Lifetime (99 years)Term & lifetime (1-99 years)Policyholder age15-75 years (depending on regulations)life premium company)1 month to 70 years (can be more)1 month-90 yearsNumber of cashAda (4% according to total coverage dues per year)There (can be more than 4% according to total premium per year)Sum insured Can reach billions of rupiah150-500 million rupiah150-500 million rupiahSantunan Global death, critical illness and stigma remains total that can reach 500 million rupiahThe world,affected by critical illness and stigma remains a total that can reach 500 million rupiahThe death of the world, affected by critical illness and permanent disability total whose nila can reach 500 million rupiahThe additional benefits (rider)NoneThere (benefits of critical illness, accidents, and health and suspension of coverage dues)There (critical illness benefits, accidents, & health and suspension of coverage dues)

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