How to Claim The Correct Life Insurance?

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How to Claim The Correct Life Insurance. As is known together, these types of coverage contributions in Indonesia are diverse, one of which is a life insurance contribution. When someone who follows the premium, of course, they have to pay the dues for coverage coverage in the company that contains the program.

After that, in the time that has been affected you are able to claim life insurance earlier where the company has to pay it.

However, rarely anyone who wants to take care of the soul premium earlier because the administration is complicated and requires a fairly outdated time.

It may be, what you feel there are steps that are not yet known so it is difficult to dilute.

However, do not worry because the following will be discussed about how to claim valid life insurance. And here’s the discussion.

Life insurance is a protection event in the form of diversion of the risk of death or the life of someone who is insured. When analogous to an umbrella in your residence. It is expected because it is useful when it rains or hot weather

Life insurance is closely related to risk control in life. Avoiding risk is something that everyone always does. But when a risk can not be avoided, then you must be able to control the risk itself.

Claim for coverage dues is an obligation that must be paid by the liability fee company to the insured party or beneficiary according to one coverage dues.

Premium claim is the official request of the insured at the premium company (insurer) related to compensation and financial protection as stated in the agreement that has been agreed and signed by the insured party and the insurance company.

Maybe you often hear or have made claims of mental awareness while in the hospital or go to the doctor. In principle, the contribution of coverage is not merely a form of compensation, but rather a form of developing risks whose purpose is to alleviate the losses experienced by a person.

Currently, there are many insurance products offered by a number of insurance companies. One of the most popular insurance products is life insurance contributions. If the premium claim is the right of the insured (customer) then the premium dues coverage is the full right of the premium company that must be paid by the insured every month or in sync convention.

So life coverage dues are benefits according to premium ownership on insurance that has been paid.

Prose claims for life premiums can be taken care of more easily with records through valid procedures. Generally, all premium companies provide a lot of convenience related to this coverage dues claim. Thus the process of disbursing insurance claims is also faster.

Lack of understanding of how to take care of life insurance contribution claims, not infrequently creating poly people have difficulty disbursing coverage dues funds. For this reason, in order to facilitate the procedure of life insurance claims following the steps that must be followed.

Here’s the flow of how to claim valid life insurance dues. Providing Accurate Information

If you act as a claimant for life insurance contributions, you must immediately inform the premium company that the insured has died.

For that you must prepare a copy of the death certificate issued by the sick residence. The death certificate contains data about when, where, and what is the cause of the insured’s death.

Generally, the insurance company will ask questions related to the insured such as the number of insurance policies, the status of the coverage contribution policy, and all matters related to the death of premium participants.

if the news is enough next the premium company sends a claim statement form that we must fill out in full. Completing the Required Files

After the premium claim statement form has been filled out, then we must complete using the required files.

Files – files that are expected when claiming life insurance dues are:Polis & Endorsement with the original filePhotocopy of all laboratory & radiology inspection resultsPhotocopy of ID card or identity according to beneficiariesDeath fact letter from doctor / hospital containing the cause according to death.Global dead information letter based on local governmentThe original police coverage letter (BAP) if the insured died globally due to an accident.three. Insurance Claims Analysis Process

If the documents & files are complete, the insurance company will investigate the claim for life insurance dues first using verifying the status of the policy whether it is still active and also effective.

The analysis also includes the insured’s personal data, news related to the death of the insured, as well as evidence of making evidence of the truth of the insured’s death.

If the insurance claim has been declared valid and valid, the next insurance company does a calculation about the obligations that must be paid to the insured’s heirs. Final procedure

The final procedure based on life insurance claims is the payment of insurance claims to the insured’s heirs. For this term, try to inform in advance the number of bank accounts to the insurance company.

Keep in mind, the process of insurance claims until the disbursement process sometimes takes when it is relatively outdated. In this case, the insurance company is very careful and careful when analyzing life insurance contribution claims. First, if the premium funds that will be disbursed are above 1 billion rupiah.

Things that cause claims not to be paidNot included in the insured riskPolice status has been inactiveEnter the pre-existing provisions (the disease has been suffered before). Diseases that are not stated & not written in advance with trust.Sign in at the waiting periodIncluded in the policy exemptionIncomplete claim documentsHave passed the claim submission deadline

Some Of the Reasons That Led to The Claim of Death Rejected

There are several reasons or exceptions that can cause a death claim to be rejected, including: 1. Died of Death Sentenced to Death

If the insured party dies globally due to the sanction of the death of the court & involved in the crime, it may be that the premium will be rejected by the insurance company. Indications of Suicide

An insured who as or unintentionally tried to commit suicide within a period of several years since the release of the insurance policy.

However, if the validity of several years, for example, contained in the contract agreement, then the insurance party is obliged to pay the claim, even for the reason of suicide. Data Is Not Suitable

In some insurance companies, in sync with the provisions of the company’s policy entitled to reject or cancel the claim if the customer is proven to have provided an out-of-sync statement when filling out the form. Indicated Form of Crime

A insured dies because of a sign of crime, then there is a person who takes advantage of the premium.

Understand the Requirements of Life Insurance Claims In The Policy Before Buying

It would be wise before you guarantee the coverage dues, first you must know the insurance claim requirements that have been agreed at the beginning.

So based on that, there is self-enlightenment to be lazy to read the terms of dna as well as the provisions.

Basically, the company itself will not harm you as a insurer, as long as it understands the “budget of the game.”

In addition to the conditions that in the process of premie kalim that must be known, another way is to use to find out the contact number of the insurance contribution agent.

Keep in mind that the insurance agent will forever or forever settle in the company earlier. So based on that, ask for another relationship number if at any time will claim the premium.

If there is no other alternative number, ask for a clear company address both in the city where you live and the center’s workplace.

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With the active action you do, then the process of guaranteeing insurance will be easy and can be done, of course if you do not commit acts of harm, suicide, or other things that cause the rejection of premium claims.

There are four primary elements of soul premium as follows:Transfer of risk to the insured to the insurerPolicyholders must be obliged to pay for insuranceInsurers are obliged to pay sum insured for guaranteed riskTerms and conditions set out on the policy

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