Indonesian Public Awareness of the Importance of Having Life and Health Insurance Is Still Very Low !!!

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According to national field information on financial literacy conducted by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in 2013 showed that only approximately 18 according to 100 or 18% of the Indonesian population who have understood the benefits of life insurance and health coverage contributions well.

“However, only about 12 percent of the Indonesian population uses insurance products and services.

Although there is an increase but not too significant and this must continue to be encouraged according to time.

The ongoing efforts of the government and all stakeholders in the premium industry is to remain committed to continue to enhance understanding and provide education about the importance of insurance for the people of Indonesia at all levels.

Did you know that in developed countries in the West, where life and health insurance is a liability for all the people of their countries?

How to use on Indonesia?In Indonesia, almost 1/3 of Indonesians do not have life premiums and health insurance that can protect them from accidents, illness, or guarantee education for the future of children.Indonesia is the lowest enlightenment insurance..???

Here is the data on premium enlightenment in some countries in Asia:Japan = 1 to 6, is homogeneous homogeneous 1 person in Japan has Insurance as much as 6 premium policiesSingapore = 1 to 4 is homogeneous average 1 person in singapore country has insurance as much as 4 premium policiesMalaysia = 1 to two is homogeneous on average 1 person has a coverage contribution of 2 premium policiesIndonesia = 1 in 0.02, meaning that out of 100 people in Indonesia only 2 have a premium policy

Why in Indonesia is still low enlightenment on the importance of having life insurance & health ????

Are you also among those who are not aware of the contribution of coverage ???

Different ways of view of the people of developed countries using the people of Indonesia regarding premiums…

People in developed countries on managing their finances and income will prioritize premiums to be the primary priority.

They do not count or are afraid of losing some of their small money from losing money more grand when there is a risk of life.

They have been very aware of premiums and will insure anything that is felt necessary let alone relatively valuable in price such as property, profession and especially regarding health and critical illness which costs a lot.

Whereas in developing countries like here, our citizens still suspect insurance is a trivial matter and not a top priority on financial management.

Most of our society is more afraid of losing mini money for insurance and more decisively losing big money for consumptive shopping.

Then what are the factors that cause the low awareness of indonesian people towards life and health insurance?

1 . Welfare level / per capita income that is still mini

Causing the need to have life and health insurance is not crucial.

People still prioritize the needs of clothing food and other needs that are considered more important.

Whereas in fact people who already have life and health insurance will be more guaranteed health & protected family welfare, have the preparation of funds for after duty or children’s education costs etc.

2 . Cultural Factors & Doctrines / false myths about coverage dues

Still poly people who suspect premiums are contrary to the religious values and culture of the people.

Still suspect the dues of coverage is haram, against the nature of God and other estimates that even make a setback.

Still poly general citizens who consider insurance is a luxury item & expensive & still affected by the False Myth About Insurance that errors & mislead the public.

Even though the assumption of the citizens is wrong & wrong, it needs education & news that is valid for the general public to become aware of insurance.

3 . Information, Education & Socialization regarding low coverage contributions

It must be admitted that we still lack news and education about the importance of insurance, especially for rural communities that may not have been touched by print media, electronics and the internet.

In addition, there are still not many people who want to go through the profession of being an agent or marketing energy of coverage dues. Even if there is more poly focused in big cities only.

This caused public knowledge about all things related to using the importance of premiums is still very minimal.

4 . Education factors in some people who are still low

It is undeniable that the level of people’s education in Indonesia is still not evenly developed, especially in rural areas.

This results in some residents who are underdeveloped or in isolated areas are certainly still blind to insurance.

With the stroke of this pen I hope that the people will be smarter and smarter, especially as fully aware that having the contribution of life coverage and health at this time is very crucial.Insurance has been shown to claim health, well-being, wealth asset protection and pension funds later in old age , it can even be an inheritance for children or families who are in love.

There are five risks to this life…

I became a customer as well as a premium agent of Allianz through the writing that I made this does not mean the slightest to scare you.

I just write the coverage or reality that really happened in this real life that our life has undoubtedly not escaped from these biological risks.

The biological risks that we face will certainly make our hassle later if we do not have coverage dues in anticipation.

Here are five life risks that we must face:SICKACCIDENTDISABLEDAGING / RETIREMENTDIEThink about these questions if you don’t have a mental & health premium… 1. When suffering from Critical Illness

Being critically ill is everyone’s nightmare, why?

Because the medical expenses are undoubtedly expensive, everyone admits it & no need to deny !!!

Treatment of critical diseases such as stroke, heart, cancer, grand surgery and other critical diseases using hospitalization costs that have undoubtedly been very expensive.

The cost of treatment of critically ill slowly but will certainly continue to drain the savings of hard work output since the youth work, if it has been drained then the existing property will be the next victim.

If it does not heal anyway, in the end bankruptcy that will occur even leaves a little debtless to others, parents, relatives or banks.

Poly evidence and concrete examples according to the experiences of people who are critically ill.

Not least even the top artists who are obliged to seek treatment for a long time in the hospital even to abroad with a cost that is certainly expensive and not necessarily cured as well, precisely until it is mandatory to owe, sell assets and property even to owe here and there and ask for donations.

Finally, the world died.


Are you ready to lose your entire mall if you don’t have a premium?

How will your survival & family ??? three. When you have an accident

Fatal accidents can happen anywhere, right?

It can be at work or on the road if this accident is fatal then it can cause total disability in our body.

Stepping on a banana peel alone that is trivial can be fatal as a result.

As a result, you cannot work normally back and have undoubtedly lost income, while porto life cannot be stopped, right?!

What if you don’t have relative savings or you don’t have insurance?

How will your survival & family ??? 4 . When experiencing Total Defects

Disability can be caused by 2 factors:

Congenital from birth (this is an exception)

Critical pain such as stroke, heart, cancer if not fully healed will cause total stigma.

Or if you have to have a fatal accident at work or on the road can also cause total disability.

As a result, you are not able to work normally back and will definitely lose income, while porto hayati nir is able to stop!

How will your survival & family ??? 4. As You Age/Retire

Everyone will age and undoubtedly after duty.

You certainly will not be able to work forever and maybe retirement savings for old age will not exist, if since young do not save & nir have premiums for old age or retirement.

How do you fund life in old age ???

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