Note Your Investor Friend, These Are The Five Best Life Insurance and Benefits

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Shifa Nurhaliza

Friday, 07 January 2022 12:12 WIB

The best life insurance becomes one of the protections that must be owned.

Note Your Investor Friend, Here Are The Five Best Life Insurance and Its Benefits. (Photo: Best Life Insurance)

IDXChannel – The best life insurance as a must-have protection error. Life Insurance is a service provided & issued by the insurance contribution company with the aim of protecting you from financial losses.

The losses in question are like family members who died globally and arise coverage for family members who cannot make a living. Not only global death, the loss can also be caused by families who experience physical stigma partially as well as total. 

By buying and having the best life insurance contribution products, of course, it can be used as a solution and anticipatory steps that are very good from the conditions that may be detrimental to you or your family because this soul premium service has crucial benefits.

The best soul premium products certainly provide sum insured or compensation money using competitive and very beneficial coverage dues for their customers, and there are still benefits of returning premiums. The way this life insurance contribution works is to use a way to put sum insured (UP) on the heirs of the family if the customer is stigmatized completely or even killed in the world. 

The types of life insurance are divided into four, namely term or active life premiums for a certain period or in other words term life, life insurance contributions for life or whole life, dual-use life insurance contributions, and unit link life premiums.

Certain period insurance or Term life can be said to be an active life insurance product during the exclusive period, for whole life coverage contributions or life wells are a type of life insurance product that is active for the life of the policyholder. For dual-use life insurance is known to be a life insurance product that has additional savings benefits, and the last is unit link life insurance into a life premium product that has additional investment benefits.

Quoting the Cekpremi page, on Friday (7/1/2021), here are some life coverage contributions that you can pay attention to:1. Prudential Life Assurance.PT Prudential Life Assurance or Prudential Indonesia has served 2.8 million insured customers until the end of 2020 and is supported by more than 243,000 licensed Marketers. The benefits according to Prudential’s life insurance contributions are that they can bear losses if the insured dies due to illness or accident, put health protection by maintaining customer health, putting protection for the insured’s family, and guaranteed old age.

In Prudential’s life premium products specifically unit link insurance, the insured or customer not only get protection, but also investments prepared. Prudential life insurance also has the advantage of paying low premiums and can be adjusted to the financial capabilities of customers, has a fund management system regulated by a team of professionals and experts in their fields, has a variety of premium products with fast service and stable investment value. Prudential life insurance also has a profit in the aggressive coverage dues gene in accompanying customers when making a claim.

Prudential’s best soul premium choice products start according to PRUuniversal Life whose costs start according to Rp250 thousand per month, PRUlife Cover premium products start from Rp400 thousand per month, there are even PRUlink Capital Accounts whose prices start based on Rp40 million once paid or single coverage dues. There are many other Prudential life insurance products. The price of this life insurance varies, if you want to know more fully, you can access the company’s official website or contact the agent & insurance broker of the relevant company.

2. Sinar Mas Life Insurance.The company, which is a subsidiary of Sinar Mas Group, focuses on health, mental health, education, and pension funds. The advantages of Sinar Mas’s life insurance dues are to have a high solvency ratio as a result of sporadic defaults, tidy up Sinar Mas’s corporate management very well and according to applicable regulations, the guarantee of investment value in this soul premium is high at a period of 3 years with a complete choice of products, and also the period when premium payments are relatively short.

The best Sinar Mas life insurance products are Simas Sehat Income with coverage dues prices starting based on Rp1,200 per day, Simas Petani, Simas Perlindungan, Simas Sehat Mikro with an insurance price of Rp50 thousand per year, & Stop Eruptive Business at a premium price of Rp40 thousand per year. The price of this life insurance contribution varies, & if you want to know more fully, you can access the company’s official website or contact the agent & insurance broker of the relevant company.

3. Allianz Life Indonesia.Allianz life insurance has a wide selection of products using affordable coverage dues prices. Allianz has benefits at the end of the contract that are certain if the insured or customer is still alive even though it is approaching the expiration of the premium policy, providing compensation for customers who have critical illness and life compensation if they die not due to an accident.Allianz Life’s Unit Link life insurance products, namely SmartLink Flexi Account Plus, use coverage dues prices starting from Rp2.4 Million per year, SmartLink New Flexi Account, and SmartLink Maxi Fund Plus. The price of allianz life insurance contribution premium is different, and if you want to know more fully, you can access the company’s official website or contact the agent & insurance broker of the relevant company.

4. AIA Financial.AIA Financial life insurance as the best life insurance available in Indonesia. The banks that cooperate with AIA Life which are AIA Financial’s soul premium are BCA, BJB, Bukopin, CIMB Niaga, Citibank, and BRI. The advantages of AIA Life life insurance contributions are high solvency rates, fast insurance claims, and affordable insurance prices.

Products offered by AIA Live soul premium are AIA Life AIA Power Pro Life, AIA Protection Prima Plus, AIA Protection Income Plan, AIA Priority Plus Assurance, AIA Proterm Protection, AIA Sakinah Assurance, AIA Prolink Assurance, AIA Infinite Link Assurance, AIA Infinite Plus Assurance, AIA Family First Protection, and AIA Sehat Hundred. The price of this life insurance coverage contribution varies, & if you want to know more fully, you can access the company’s official website or contact the agent & broker of the relevant company’s coverage dues.

5. AXA Mandiri Financial Services.AXA Mandiri Financial Services life insurance product services are health, critical illness, property, pension funds & old age, & education. This subsidiary based on Bank Mandiri has a high credibility advantage, additional insurance is quite complete, and the option of relatively poly product choice with Mandiri Legacy Plan Insurance life insurance products and coverage contribution prices starting from Rp50 million per year, Mandiri Perlindungan Sejahtera Insurance with an insurance price of Rp3.6 million per year or Rp300 thousand every month. (SNP)

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