What is Life Insurance: Understanding, Function, Benefits, and List of Recommendations

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No one can ensure that everyone can be avoided based on the loss of an object, illness, to an accident that can take a life. These things are already risks that must be faced at any time by leading to reduced savings or malls of a person. Although compounding the disorder cannot be avoided, you permanently have the possibility to minimize the bad impact caused by utilizing Life Insurance that is now poly used by the citizen.

Insurance itself may be foreign to your ears, but that does not mean this makes you clearly understand what and how exactly the concept is applied to a dues coverage. By definition, life insurance is a contract agreement between policyholders (insured) using the insurance contribution company (insurer). There are many people who actually become disappointed and feel aggrieved after using premiums. Where basically this arises due to lack of understanding of the agreement and the benefits that are still in the coverage contribution policy. Things like this can certainly be prevented & avoided, if only from the beginning you take the time and check the insurance policy that you will use earlier carefully and understand correctly every article in it.

The development of insurance provider companies in Indonesia began to grow rapidly. There are still poly that shows the premium of life using a very promising service. You just have to determine & adjust using the various insurance needs you need. This will help you to be able to receive the most appropriate and maximum benefit dues services in life. Understanding Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most poly types of insurance used by citizens. This tells us that the people’s enlightenment of safety and family interests has been relatively good. Life insurance is a liability service that is used as a form of protection against the onset of financial losses or loss of income of a person or family due to the death of a family member (insured) which is generally the origin of life for the family earlier.

This means to be a form of anticipation for the families left behind, where they need financial support due to the death, which of course can cause the family to lose income and experience economic difficulties for many years to come.

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There are four types of life premiums in general, namely Term Life Insurance (Term Life), Life Insurance (Whole Life), Dwiguna Life Insurance (Endowment), Unit Link Life Insurance. You need to know about these types of insurance so that later you do not choose the wrong type you need. By knowing the type it will make it easier for you to determine what type of premium is needed and according to your financial ability as well. Below is explained the types of soul premiums, namely:Term Life Insurance (Term Life)

This type of life insurance contribution puts protection to the policyholder at a certain period of time. The coverage system used has a validity period. The length when set here starts according to five years, 10 years or 20 years, according to the offer given by the insurance contribution company. Because there is a contract period that does not apply again the completion of maturity, the term soul premium is considered the most affordable. Porto’s premium range is only Rp 250,000 per month. Although cheap, but the coverage obtained does not need to be doubted in number, there are still many and can even reach billions of rupiah. The disadvantage is that the premium that has been paid can be forfeited if there is no claim as long as the coverage fee policy is still valid.Lifetime Life Insurance (Whole Life)

Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance provides protection to lifelong policyholders. The life span in question is 99 years or 100 years. Why is the number said to be a lifetime? According to the Central Statistics Agency, the number of biological expectations of the Indonesian population is on average 70 years. This Lifetime Life Insurance will return the total premium that has been paid at interest of 4 percent per year. If calculated, this amount is not poly let alone using tax deductions. But the benefits, insurance insurance will not be forfeited when there is no claim, so it can be taken holistically if the contract period ends. To get all the advantages, of course there is a price that must be paid more, namely the sum insured money that is much higher than the term life insurance dues.Dwiguna Life Insurance (Endowment)

This life insurance offers 2 advantages. In other terms, there is a benefit cooperation between term insurance and savings for children’s education & after-duty funds. Not a few parents who are interested in premiums in order to be able to prepare children’s school fees or claim their survival even though you have retired later.¬†Another thing that is profitable and different using term life premiums is the biological benefits generated by policyholders. If you as the insured are still living the time the policy is due, then the sum insured will be given by the insurance contribution company. The validity period varies, ranging according to 10 years to the exclusive age, for example 60 years.Unit Link Life Insurance

Unit link is a life insurance that also has 2 functions, namely as protection and investment. Unit link life insurance premiums are higher than other life insurance but have more powerful advantages of protection and investments that are considered to promise great return earnings. Thus the four most fundamental types of life premiums but currently life insurance has developed rapidly, either with a lot of additional profits or inventions.

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Of course, there are great benefits if you follow the premium of the soul. You do not know when an event is not desired. To avoid the risk of not being good about it you need a life insurance. Life insurance can be disbursed in accordance with the agreement using a company that provides life insurance contribution services. Not only that, but there are several more important benefits, namely:Calming the Mind

Unexpected events such as loss of the impact of death will only leave sadness for the family left behind, but it can also have a very bad influence on the family’s finances the impact of loss of income. This risk can certainly be avoided using buying a coverage contribution policy, where family life can still run and finances after facing the death of family members are still in a conducive condition.Protecting the Family

By using life insurance, you can protect your family from financial burdens that make it difficult if something happens using the family’s main breadwinner. Life insurance can be claimed if the insured party dies globally. Although the benefits of non-life insurance contributions can prevent disasters, life insurance contributions can certainly minimize the financial losses caused by the disaster.Managing Finances Appropriately

The next benefit of life insurance contributions is to help you allocate funds for the future. For those of you who are difficult to save and tend to be wasteful, by having a soul premium of course you will be forced to set aside some of your income to pay premiums periodically.

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Today there are still many companies that provide life insurance. Choose a proven and trusted company. The most crucial thing in this election is that the insurance company has been registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as a result of being a premium company registered with the state and protected by the law as a result of which you do not need to hesitate to choose them for the protection of your life. Here are the recommendations of companies that provide life premiums:Allianz

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