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Bank QNB Indonesia Collaborates with Allianz to Hire Affluent Customers

Allianz provides unit-linked products for QNB Indonesia customers.

BRI Life Boss Reveals Strategy to Avoid Default Insurance Claims

BRI Life puts the tactic of investing in sovereign bonds and corporate bonds in ensuring the security of claims for customers.

BRI Life Premium Jumped 51.8 Percent in Q1/2022

BRI Life noted that during the first quarter of 2022 it could record insurance of Rp2.5 trillion, up 51.8% compared to the first quarter of 2021 worth Rp1.65 trillion.

Manulife Indonesia’s Assets Reach IDR 104 Trillion

Manulife Indonesia’s assets grew 21% over the next year.

4 days ago 2021, Manulife Grew Significantly, Disbursing Customer Claims of IDR 8.9 Trillion

Coverage contribution income boosted Manulife’s performance over the past year. Manulife Indonesia achieved a net insurance income of IDR 12.1 trillion or an increase of 42 percent compared to…

Simas Jiwa Insurance Books Investment Returns of IDR 2.27 Trillion, Here’s How It Performs in 2021

The majority of the funds were placed in mutual fund investment instruments whose portion reached 35.65% according to the amount of investment.

Not Just a House, It’s a Row of Instruments That Can Be Prepared as a Legacy

Preparing an inheritance from a young age can provide greater financial security to the family later.

Indonesia Re Book Loss in 2021, Here’s Why

Indonesia Re is a premium company whose shares are 100% owned by the government.

Mrs. Sri Mulyani Will Be Happy, Life Insurance Investment in State Debt Securities Soars

The Financial Services Authority noted that life insurance companies’ investments in state bonds jumped 5.6%.

1 week ago Lebaran Death Accident 2022, Raharja Service Insurance Pays Claim of RP99.two Billion

Jasa Raharja Insurance, a subsidiary of IFG, paid claims for accident impact premiums during the 2022 Eid period of RP99.two billion.

Bumiputera 1912 Owner Chooses Member Representative, Here’s the Company Update

Bumiputera 1912 at this time experienced a vacancy of the board of directors & BPA organ to be able to work as a financial forum.

Total Insured Astra Life Grew 17 Percent in Q1/2022

Astra Life managed to achieve an increase in the total insured from 3.two million to 3.7 million or grew by 17% compared to the same period in the previous year.

DIGITAL INSURANCE BUSINESS: $65 Million Fund Round Stops by Qoala

Business, JAKARTA – Another startup or startup received a funding round according to investors. Qoala, a company that pursues technology-based coverage contribution services…

INDUSTRY PERFORMANCE: Life Insurance Still Relies on Mutual Funds

Business, JAKARTA β€”The life insurance industry still relies on mutual funds to be the asset of investment choice to manage customer premiums. n

two weeks ago Unit-Linked Great Eastern Life Investment Performance Soared, Here’s Cuan Investment Results

Stock price recovery and rising government bond coupons as drivers of Great Eastern Life’s investment performance

Fans! Life Insurance Investment Yield Jumped 271.63 Percent

The investment yield of life insurance contribution companies during the first quarter of 2022 increased by 271.63%. Where’s the placement?

COVID-19 PROTECTION INSURANCE : Qoala Gandeng Shopee & Great Eastern

Bisnis, JAKARTA β€” Qoala, a startup in the field of insurance contribution technology or insurtech, collaborates with Shopee to market Covid-19 insurance products and cooperates with…

INSURANCE INDUSTRY PERFORMANCE 2021: Premiums Grow, Profits Are Still Depressed

Business, JAKARTA – The performance of insurance contribution issuers throughout 2021 managed to record growth in terms of gross premium acquisition even though according to the profit achievement side, it is still under pressure.

Market Covid-19 Insurance, This is Qoala Strategy

Qoala collaborates with Shopee to market Covid-19 premiums.

2 weeks ago How to Claim Raharja Service Insurance if You Experience An Accident on the Way

Raharja Service Insurance until H +tiga Lebaran 2022 covers claims for 476 people who died and three,767 people were injured.

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