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In life, one always determines two circumstances: avoiding bad circumstances & determining pleasure. Not only for himself, this also applies to others, especially his loved ones, family.

Therefore, a family leader always hopes that his family can be happy, even after he moved globally. After his death, he wants his wife and children to still be able to live well. He wants his children to be able to go to high school and be able to live well in the future.

No wonder, if poly people who prepare treasures in the form of valuable assets for their families. Many people raise money to buy land, shelter, gardens, rice fields, or gold that he prepares for inheritance. That is a sign of very deep love for a family head or mak who acts as the ‘head of the family’ for his family.

However, no one is able to prepare a legacy. A lot of things are the cause. One of the common reasons is that there is no more money to buy these assets. Although it is possible for someone to collect money in the bank, after the money is enough he buys the assets earlier.

But, raising money from the bank to prepare a legacy is not easy. There is a temptation that is always stalking and disturbing him. Consumptive culture has been as a kind of pest that always undermines a person so that they cannot collect a lot of money.

This is not trivial because consumptive culture infiltrates a person and one becomes unconscious if he is being undermined. Almost every site and media you encounter, always present product advertisements that will make your eyes and hands as itchy if you don’t buy it immediately. No wonder if at the end of each month your savings account is always thinning. Therefore, it is very difficult to make yourself arrogant.

In addition, when a person can save regularly, there is a possibility that he is not able to reach his savings target. For example, God calls himself faster than he expects. Because, one’s life is in god’s hands and this is something that is certain.

Being economical is very difficult to take. Being economical is a sign of your love for the family. Because, using being economical, you can collect poly money that you can prepare for inheritance for the family you love.

So, what’s the solution? One of the beautiful and very common solutions is to use preparing a legacy on Tapro Allisya. With a minimum dues coverage, you have been able to prepare a relatively large inheritance, which is 1 billion. Tapro Allisya can provide life insurance of 1 billion with a premium of 355 thousand per month, for men aged 30 years, indoor work, and healthy.

UP 1 Billion (riderless) for ages other than 30 years, men & women, the premium per month is the following:

Preparing a legacy in Tapro Allisya, there are at least two things that are a crucial record.

First, the community died, in the end it will be More based on 1 Billion. Although up your soul 1 billion that your heirs will receive in the end will be more according to 1 billion. Because there is an investment return. The amount depends on the time & return of investment in that time. That way, your up soul likely won’t need to be upgraded, unless you experience a significant increase in lifestyle.

Second, there is still UP when you are past 70 years old. If you are given a long life until the age of 70 years, don’t worry, UP your soul is still there. Not 1 billion, but 340 million plus investment output. At this time, the investment output can be greater than its UP. This UP 340 million is valid until the age of 100 years. Because it is very sporadic that people reach the age of 100 years, then this 340 million money is very large certainty that it can be inherited.

Here’s an overview of preparing the legacy on Tapro Allisya:

if you want to prepare a legacy at Tapro Allisya, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Pringgo KuntoajiHP: 081274295996BB Pin: 52817A37

If asked what to take health insurance for, the answer is simple, that is, so that at any time if we are sick / hospitalization the cost is covered / lighted by the coverage dues. So if you talk about coverage contributions, most people understand health premiums. Well, the soul premium cannot be answered practically for example. Especially if you talk about the latest life insurance called using unit link / savings protection (TAPRO). TAPRO is a life insurance product that is combined with many other insurance benefits (all in one). Therefore, talking about TAPRO life insurance does not only talk about death. TAPRO life insurance claims finally do not only talk about death compensation. But poly benefits are the reason why we determine TAPRO. Some of these reasons are: Continue reading “Some Reasons Why People Choose TAPRO Life Insurance” →

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