Life INSURANCE News Collection: Here Are the Best Sharia Life Insurance and Its Benefits

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JakartaThis Is the Best Sharia Life Insurance & Benefits

Here Are the Best Sharia Life Insurance & Benefits

22:24WIBAgar Homecoming Using Private Car Feels Peace of Mind, Astra Insurance Distributes Free Garda Me Micro via ASL 2022

Astra Siaga Mudik or ASL escorts homecoming customers thoroughly, including in the insurance sector.

10:50WIB Sharia Life Insurance Products Are Increasingly In Demand By The Public

Data from the Indonesian Sharia Insurance Association (AASI), the gross contribution of the Sharia premium industry grew by 41.32 percent.

19:49WIBThe Taspen Life Corruption Investigation, Kejagung Assigns Two Suspects

“To speed up the investigation process, the two were detained for 20 days,” Ketut said.

17:49WIBBimbang Join Unit Link Life Insurance? Here Are Tips so that the Choice Is Not Full of Risk

Awareness and needs of Indonesians for insurance, especially the contribution of life coverage is getting higher.

14:52WIBThe Endeer Requests Expanded Insurance Literacy for Healthy Competitiveness

This is the most common way to work on the market of fellow SOEs while forming the best picture so that in the future it can compete in a free market full of competition, tri term.

11:25WIB Choose Life Insurance As Well as Invest, First Recognize 8 Important Terms On Unit Link Products

For those of you who want to invest at the same time, unit link coverage contributions can be the answer.

18:28WIBAVA iLife Protection Presents Flexible Pure Life Insurance

PT Asuransi Jiwa Astra (Astra Life) in collaboration with PT Bank Permata Tbk. (PermataBank) presents AVA iLife Protection insurance products.

21:04WIBKlarification of AXA Mandiri Related to OJK Plan to Ban The Sale of Unit Link Insurance Products

AXA Mandiri ensures that it will continue to communicate with OJK, AAJI, and other stakeholders to find the best solution.

20:02WIB Expanding Life Insurance Penetration, Bhinneka Life With Homecare24

Bhinneka Life collaborates with health care company PT Homecareindo Global Medika (Homecare24).

17:16WIBAstra Life Holds Financial Planning and Life Insurance Workshop

Based on the survey, the financial literacy index in Indonesia has only reached 38.03%.

20:43WIBEfek Covid-19 Pandemic, Life Insurance Enthusiasts Continue to Grow

The Covid-19 pandemic occurred in Indonesia to make people more aware of the importance of self-protection through life premiums.

09:25WIBThe ‘Rogue’ Settlement of Domestic Insurance Business Has a Bad Impact on Society

This year, the credit premium line had experienced a relatively high surge in claims at the time when the premium acquisition even decreased.

11:30WIB4 Benefits of Having Insurance for Fresh Graduates and Tips for Not Choosing The Wrong Protection

One of the tips is to adjust the needs to the existing finances.

11:19WIB Customer Center Opening, IFG Life Is Ready to Serve Customers

IFG Life’s representative offices are located in only 21 cities.

12:32WIBThis are 3 Risks to Life that Are The Reason Why Insurance Is Important To Have

What types of insurance do you need to have? And how to choose the perfect premium?

22:30WIBThis Are Three Investment Advantages in Fixed Income Mutual Funds

This time investment has varied, there are stock investments, mutual funds, and even cryptocurrencies.

17:34WIBOJK Urges Settlement of Life Insurance Dispute with Bumiputra

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) continues to request the establishment of a Member Representative Agency (BPA) in Bumiputra Joint Life Insurance to solve cases with policyholders.

19:50WIBPandemi Makes Awareness of Health Insurance Increase, Also Pay Attention to This Principle

So far, the level of enlightenment of Indonesian citizens for insurance is still very low.

13:33WIB3 Tips to Avoid The Risk of Car Accidents, Life Insurance Is Important

Car insurance with four wheels and life is very crucial to avoid the risks that must be borne.

13:24WIB Sharia Capital Life Contribution to Sharia Life Insurance Industry Continues to Increase

PT Capital Life Syariah won an award in the Best Family Takaful Company 2021 category at the Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) 2021.

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