Understanding, case examples and examples of Life Insurance companies

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I.           Understanding Soul Insurance

Life insurance is insurance that is agreed to cover people against unexpected financial losses caused by the death too soon or their lives too long. Here it is illustrated that in life insurance the risks faced mean:

b.      People’s lives are too outdated

This is certainly the goods will bring poly aspects, if the risk that exists in a person is not insured at the company’s life premium.

For example, for the descendants, a father if he died the world before his time or use the arrival suddenly, the child will not be abandoned in his life.

It can also be against a person who has reached the age of his chairmanship and is unable to make a living or finance his children, then give a premium on the soul, the risk that may be suffered in the sense of losing the opportunity to get income will be borne by the company’s dues coverage.

It turns out that this, that the institution of life insurance contributions has the benefit of using the primary purpose is to bear or guarantee someone against financial losses. Below we can see how important the role and purpose of the soul premium is mentioned.

1. From the general citizen (social)

Biased life insurance provides exclusive profit to individuals or people, namely as follows:

a.       Reassuring the head of the family (husband / father), in the meaning of giving collateral for income, education, if the head of the family was died globally.

b.      By buying a life insurance policy can be used as a sense to save. In general, per capita income according to the people is still very low, therefore in practice it is seen that the ideals of the people to buy a premium of life are reduced once.

c. As a source of discharging. This can be seen in countries that have advanced, someone who is the “key” in the company will be insured by the company in which he works. For example, an atom /nuclear expert will be accounted for, if he dies or is sick, the company must pay compensation for losses.

d. The other purpose of the soul premium is, to guarantee treatment and guarantee to the government if the insured is not able to educate his children (scholarships / education). What many of us encounter in practice is, coverage for the risk of death, while the remaining coverage has not been so advanced rapidly.

2. From the government/public

Insurance companies in our country that have large operations, generally owned by the government. Here we connect using government regulations, namely Law No. 19/1960 concerning the division of activities between State companies. The division of activities such as those included in the sectors as follows:

a.       Production sector (State industrial enterprises, State plantation companies, & State mining companies).

b.      Sectormarketing (commercial company)

c. Sector provision of facilities (State insurance companies, government banks, and other State-owned service companies).

It can be concluded here that the insurance company is a financial forum that puts facilities for financing that can be used in the development stage of the Indonesian economy. Based on Law No. 19/1960, it turns out that the subverting of premium institutions to economic development are:

1) As a form of capital

So it can be said that the purpose of premium companies is to help build a national economy in the field of synchronous soul insurance using repelita, by prioritizing the needs of the people & peace and pleasure and the pleasure of working in the company towards a just and prosperous people materially and spiritually.

II. Soul Insurance Function

1) The purpose of responsibility of the soul is to provide guarantees for citizens, that is, to take over all risk burdens based on each individual. When it is borne by itself will be too heavy, then it is better to transfer it to the insurance company.

two) Insurance companies have other tasks when viewed from a development point of view, namely as a forum that collects funds and funds can be invested in the field of economic development such as industries, plantations, and others.

3) From the job angle, the insurance contribution company makes donations to the public, namely providing opportunities to work in workers / employees to obtain information for their daily survival.

Examples in Life Insurance

            Ustad Jefri albuchori during his life was a very kind, wise, humble person, and is an example of someone ustad on his people how to deal with this life using “LOVE”. An ustad Jefri Al Buchori nir had a plan & thought he would die in a deadly accident. But he during his life was a wise man, so he was ready for everything that could happen in this life. He owns Asuransu JiwaPrudential, using saving 2jt / mo he is on the cover of the soul with a total value of 1.7 billion. So that when the fateful incident happened to him, then the insurance of jiwaprudential paid the family ustad uje amounting to 1.7 billion. Indeed, it is not comparable to the life of the Ustad, but at least it can relieve the burden of the family left behind.

Examples of Life Insurance Companies

PTBNI life Insurance (BNI Life) is a premium company that provides various insurance products such as life insurance (Life), health, education, investment, pension, & sharia. In organizing its corporate activities, BNI Life has obtained business in the field of life insurance based on letters according to the Minister of Finance Number 305 / KMK.017 / 1997 dated July 7, 1997. The establishment of BNI Life, in line with the needs of its parent company, PT BankNegara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI, to provide integrated services & services for all its customers.

Currently BNI Life has been present through 4 distribution channels, namely Agency, Bancassurance, Employee Benefits & Sharia. Agencies are marketed through agencies that market individual products, while Banncassurance is marketed through BNI’s network throughout Indonesia. Employe Benefits is devoted to the production of contribution products of combined coverage to companies, while shariahmemasarkan products dues coverage either individuals, or groups with sharia principles.

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