Why should I have life insurance?

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It is undeniable that my current thinking is much more open than it used to be. I consider that some of the grand based on us (outside of me) are still poly who think the same as I used to, that is, still want to enjoy the money we make without the hassle of using the mind to save for the long term, let alone have to pay the dues of coverage? “Later. I don’t have an allocation for that yet.” Why? Because it is very diverse that comes to mind:more simply save on the bank, when you want to be taken can, (commonly used by people kepepet)consider ourselves healthy2 only, amit2 deh affected by severe disease2.loss to set aside money every month (fear if suddenly someone wants to buy)

There are many other reasons besides the one I wrote above, right? That is why the level of life insurance ownership, especially in Indonesia is very low (below 2%, compared to Singapore where each resident has three-4 premium policies). Many of our people are not yet aware of the importance of having life insurance.

Why should I have life insurance?

Let’s talk about it. Life is not always in order. Has anyone ever known when we will get sick? Or can we determine what pain will we get, & don’t we get hit? Or is there anyone who can know when we will leave the wife/husband’s children (move the world) when we become the backbone of the family? What do they want to eat when we’re gone?

A Harvard study found that 78% of the world’s people fall into poverty due to high health or hospital costs.http://m.dtk.com/finance/read/2013/02/08/081653/2164466/4/2/5-hal-yg-tak-disangka-sangka-sanggup-bikin-orang-jatuh-miskin

Life is as short as a flash of thunder, death arrives as fast as the blink of an eye. Have you ever imagined that today is the last day of your life? For me insurance is like a spare tire. Do you dare to travel by car out of town without spare tires? even though the condition of 4 tires of your four-wheeled vehicle is fine. Why do most people decide to carry a spare tire? (just in case). NAHH, that’s the importance of life insurance. Why should the car have a spare tire, while our own body is not protected so as not to run out of money when we are seriously sick / dead?

Therefore, the contribution of life coverage is very important. Don’t let this happen, because it concerns your family. It’s not you who are difficult, but your people will be difficult in the time it happens, because in the time it happens (you die), your family is the victim, you can only regret it. (Did you know that when we die only our bodies die, but our spirits are still alive & can see how wailing & crying and difficult family life we leave?)

Life Insurance + Health + Unit Link (Savings)

Insurance that exists at this time has largely implemented the Life Insurance system plus health and savings, aka the insurance that we deposit every month will not be forfeited but invested (saved, the language of the village). So it is not the same using conventional types of insurance (Termlife). In addition to you protecting yourself from the possibility of bankruptcy due to critical illness & death, the money you set aside every month / year for this premium permanent there is even interest on the bank interest / deposits, and you can take it (if it is urgent & needed).

So it is a careful customer and good at choosing coverage dues for the family you love. Choose insurance that can really help you when it happens. Therefore, choose life insurance that covers the cost of critical illness at least up to 1.5 billion using the sum insured, monthly routine expenses can last at least for the next 10 years, as a result you are not too worried lg if it happens.

Maybe some think you will think, instead of it is better to save your money than to pay life insurance premiums patterned. Maybe you have to use your counting knowledge a little here.

How much money do you save each month?

Just calculate that you can save Rp. 2,000,000 / mo & you have saved approximately 10 years, meaning there is approximately Rp. 240,000,000 in your account. Meanwhile, the contribution of coverage dues that you pay per month is more based on Rp. 1,000,000 / mo, homogeneously only approximately Rp. 400,000 to Rp. 1,000,000 only, but the collateral you get is able to reach the number of Rp. 250,000,000 to 1 Billion depending on the type of Life Insurance insurance you choose.

And when you suddenly fall ill and need money as much as Rp. 250,000,000, you don’t need to wait 10 years first so that you or your family can claim your life premium. So are you still sticking with your savings theory or are you about to switch to Life Insurance? The decision is all in your hands.

Often people think LOSS is included in the coverage dues because if not CLAIM that will be the profit of the insurance company. “Just make others rich……” so our thoughts, but don’t we think and be grateful because with us without claiming our policy, means that in the period of coverage contributions we are in a healthy state, we also do not have accidents or any disasters. So try to reflect, “we enter the premium so that we can Compensate, so it’s useless for us to buy insurance”.Insurance is not to calculate the Profit and Loss……………………. But insurance is to avoid risks so that we are not more DIFFICULT when hit by a disaster……… And we should be grateful if we do not CLAIM because this means we are not hit by a disaster……

HEALTH Is EXPENSIVE, Safety Is Important, Protect Your Soul Now.

So first the opening post according to gw, next time I will post again my experience that finally had to operate because of an accident, & very grateful because I already have a premium, and not only that, I also participated in this premium business to become an agent.

Please contact gw if you want to consult or share about premiums.

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