7 Myths of Buying Life Insurance

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KOMPAS.com – The awareness of citizens to buy insurance products is often called still low. This is partly due to allegations about losses or irregularities that will be obtained if you buy insurance products. Is that really the case?

This is what needs to be straightened out. Life insurance is a crucial part of financial planning. However, errors in understanding the contributions of life coverage can prevent people from getting their benefits. Later, when the case occurred, he only realized that he should have bought insurance for a long time. So that you are not tempted by gossip or people’s talk about life insurance (which is not necessarily valid), try to first recognize the myths surrounding the most famous life coverage contributions.

1. People who are young and single do not need coverage dues Do people suffer losses when we die globally? However, even though we are not dependent on others, we will permanently leave credit card debts, home installments, cash loans, to porto funerals. Life insurance policies will generally cover these costs. The sooner, or the younger you buy insurance, you can afford to receive lower insurance. Insurance will also guarantee the porto-porto that you spend if you experience a health case later.

2. Only people who already have children need premiumsAccording to Michael Bonevento, senior financial advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., those who are married and married with children, or married with children with special needs, may have an obligation to buy insurance. Even so, there are many examples where singles also have a premium. When the single person arrives based on a family that is less located, he can leave a claim for dues for his family in case of a case against him. So, he took the dues coverage to make sure his family did not experience financial matters when he was no longer there.

3. If the company has put a premium, why else buy coverage dues?Many companies provide life insurance dues or health premiums for their employees, the value of which may be equivalent to your salary a year. This may be a benefit for you, but what if you don’t work at the company anymore? Can’t you not predict when you will experience the risks that may occur? What if you suddenly have to be admitted to the hospital? It may be too late if you just buy insurance when you need it to anticipate money losses that may have an impact on that risk.

4. Life insurance is generally too expensiveWhen going to buy premiums, you will be given the option of making coverage dues costs that are in sync with your capabilities. The premium chosen by a young person will certainly be lower than that of an established person. In addition, in addition to being paid annually, there are also premiums that can be paid monthly. The value of this insurance you can increase when your financial condition is getting better.

5. All insurance policies are the sameThe name is also a product or merchandise. Each of them undoubtedly has advantages and disadvantages, which are realized in the form of policy. The policy may use the same term, but the substance of what is on-cover can not be the same. So when you buy a dues product, don’t just consider the price. Read carefully the policies given so that you do not feel cheated later.

6. The mother of the household does not need to buy a premium You may not have income, but you are certainly still obliged to provide the facilities expected by the family. For example, children’s health, food needs, home care, and so on. If your husband suddenly dies globally, or is unable to work anymore, these needs must certainly be fulfilled by yourself. Well, the soul premium can claim your security when your partner is no longer present to meet your needs.

7. Buying premiums is complicatedIt is necessary when processing your premium purchase, including the approval of the coverage dues request you submit. But currently financial planner aka premium agent has implemented pick up the ball. That is, they are the ones who come to you and take care of everything. If you do not clearly use your rights and obligations, you are also able to access it yourself on the website. You can also compare yourself using other coverage contribution products. If it’s still unclear, you can schedule another meeting with your agent.

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