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How to File a Life Insurance Claim, Follow these 4 Steps – Currently still poly people who do not know how to return insurance, let alone file a life premium claim.

Of course, there are steps that you must follow to receive protection.

Let’s find out how to easily accept claims for life insurance dues in the article below. Understanding Life Insurance

Did you know that life insurance is the most poly protection product purchased by Indonesian citizens,

Almost all households in Indonesia flocked to buy this product as a financial guarantee when one of the family members died globally.

As we understand, that life insurance itself is a contract between the insurance company and the policyholder, and when the name of the insured in the insurance is killed, the company claims the heir with a certain amount of money.

Even insurance companies promise death coverage according to the amount of coverage dues paid by the policyholder every month.

This sum insured can then be used as capital for the insured to continue to live and to pay off all debts of the insured. Steps to File a Life Insurance Claim

Paying a life premium claim is the obligation of all premium companies.

Heirs whose names are listed in the policy have the right to sue when the company does not meet the needs of its heirs.

So, do not hesitate to ask for sum insured money that has been as the right of the insured family.

In fact, the mechanism for submitting nisbi claims is easy, especially some of the company’s grand has revealed its procedures on its official website.

However, there are some people who do not fully understand the steps to file a life insurance claim.

Here are 4 ways to take life insurance claims that have become the rights of the insured family:

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To contact the premium company, the family must be represented by an heir whose name is listed in the insured’s coverage dues.

The heir must report the insured’s death to the premium company.

This process will be supported by documents such as the insured’s death certificate and insurance policy documents.

The death certificate itself states when, where and why the insured died. This letter can be obtained at the hospital residence or local government agency where the insured is treated.

Always remember that the death certificate is the most important step in submitting a life insurance claim into a death certificate for the insured. Insurance company interviews

After obtaining the heir documents, the company will contact him for an interview.

The insurance company will ask the truth regarding the death of the insured.

In addition, they will ensure that all policy documents and policy status are submitted to the heirs listed on the policy.

This process does not take much time and can really be done online. So if you have to make a claim during this pandemic, you don’t need to worry. Insurance Claim Form

if the interview process goes smoothly, the company will submit a claim form for life coverage dues.

The heir must immediately fill it out and send it back to the insurance company to check its validity.

Here are 6 documents that must be included on the coverage dues claim form:original policies and endorsementsphotocopy of all laboratory and radiology inspection resultsphotocopy of ID card or self-proof of the recipient of the sum insureddeath news letter based on doctor / sick residence, which contains causes based on the death of the insuredDeath certificate from the local governmentoriginal police certificate (BAP) if the insured died globally due to an accident1. Document Verification & Approval

The next step, the documents & forms will be re-validated by the insurance company.

If believed to be true and valid, the company will immediately calculate the amount of coverage they must provide to the heirs.

But, keep in mind that the process of disbursing premium funds will take place when obsolete. Especially if the heir’s life insurance claim exceeds Rp 1 billion.

Here is an explanation of the four steps you can follow to file a life insurance claim.

Don’t worry, it’s the heir’s right to apply for coverage dues, so in order to run smoothly, follow the steps that have been applied to the above, yes.

In addition to the information above, you can still find poly other news about premiums, ranging from type to consideration, in many articles about insurance here.

But if you have a different experience, you can write in the comments column below, all the facts will be very useful for those in need.

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