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Manulife Life Insurance ProLiving Absolute

ProLiving Absolute is a product error that can be used as an option in helping you and your family to prepare the funds needed to keep achieving your family dreams. ProLiving Absolute is a life protection event until the Insured is 99 years old which is specially provided for you and your family so that family life can continue according to virtual. ProLiving Absolute, This product has several advantages, namely life protection collateral until you are 99 years old, flexible Premium Payment Method options, protection bonuses for the risk of Fixed Total Disability, Additional Coverage Value bonuses & guarantees received without requiring health checks (applicable to Plan Silver). ProLiving Absolute is the latest traditional whole life premium according to Manulife which puts lifetime protection with a period of payment of coverage dues that can be selected. This ProLiving Absolute product is sold on Rupiah (Rp). Payments on an annual basis will be more efficient because the premium is cheaper when compared to semester payments.

Advantages of ProLiving Absolute:Life protection until you are 99 years oldFlexible Premium Payment Period OptionsProtection bonus based on Fixed Total Smallpox riskAdditional Coverage Value BonusGuarantee accepted, without requiring health inspection

The benefits offered are:Death BenefitsFixed Total Disability Benefits

Incompetence caused by pain / injury of the body so that the insured cannot work to earn income. This condition has lasted for at least 180 days/more continuously; or the insured cannot do 3 based on 6 activities of daily life using / without the tools confirmed by an expert doctor.

The six (6) activities of daily life are:

WearContract End Benefits

Registration Conditions:Insured Entry Age: 30 days – 65 years oldPremium Payment Method : Annual / Semesteran / Quarterly / MonthlyPremium Payment Period : 5/10/15/20 yearsFill out and complete a Life Insurance Request Letter (make a Choice of Plan Gold) or Registration Form (make a Choice of Plan Silver)CONCISE DATAThe Manulife Indonesia Life Insurance Provider (“Manulife Indonesia”)Name and Type of ProductProLiving AbsoluteLife protection insurance (whole life)Product Explanation Life protection program that provides life protection benefits (whole life) until the Insured reaches the age of 99 (ninety-nine) years Old Entering the Insured30 days – 65 years Coverage PeriodSampai using the Insured aged 99 years The premium payment periodSeever option: 5, 10, 15 and 20 years Insurance Methods Premium Annual, Semesteran, Quarterly and Monthly


Divided into two plans, namely:Plan Silver: UP Rp 250 Million – Rp 600 MillionPlan Gold consists of:Band 1: UP Rp 601 Million to Rp 1,five MBand two: UP > Rp 1,5 MSpecial Plan Silver, without additional coverage, is a type of premium without medical conditions (Guaranteed Issue). Guaranteed Issue products provide ease of application application process because there are no health check conditions as long as the Total Sum Insured (global death compensation) does not exceed Rp 600 Million per insured.

Another advantage based on ProLiving Absolute is that this product provides BONUS Sum Insured (UP) which is calculated by Manulife based on Surplus according to the level of death and investment in ProLiving Absolute products.

This UP bonus is also referred to as the Additional Coverage Value (NPT) which can add up to the insured.

During the contract period, this product provides flexibility for the insured to increase or decrease the UP while it is still in the Same Plan. To raise up, Manulife will re-select (underwriting) the insured. (Quoted according to

For example, a 35-year-old man, ProLiving Absolute premium payment of 20 years, UP Rp 1 M → Premium Rp 20,240,000 per year.

Permanent Total Disability Before Age 65 can determine:

Option A: UP 1 M + Additional Coverage Value formed, & coverage expires.

Option B: UP 500 Million + 50% Additional Coverage Value formed, free to pay basic/life coverage contributions and continuing coverage.

Died before the age of 99 years: UP 1 M + Additional Coverage Value formed.

Live to age 99: UP 1 M + Additional Coverage Value formed.

BENEFITS OF COVERAGEDeath Benefit of 100% Sum Insured plus Additional Coverage Value (if any) will be given if the Insured dies within the Coverage Period.Fixed Total Disability Benefits of 100% Sum Insured plus Additional Coverage Value (if applicable) will be provided if the Insured suffers from a Fixed Total Disability with the option of payment of Fixed Total Disability Benefits.100% Of Fixed Total Disability Benefits paid at the time the Total Disability claim remains approved by the Insurer; or50% of Fixed Total Disability Benefits are paid within the time the claim is approved by the Insurer, then the remaining Sum Insured & Additional Coverage Value1 (if any) will be paid if the Insured dies globally or in the expiration of the Coverage.if the Insured reaches the age of 99 years, the Insured will receive the Final Contract Benefit of 100% Sum Insured plus using additional Coverage Value (if any)


The contract or coverage will terminate if one occurs incorrectly based on the following conditions:The insured reached the age of 99 years.The insured died world.The coverage ends because the contribution of non-payment coverage.Coverage is void.100% Fixed Total Disability Coverage has been paid.

Additional Coverage Benefits

Accidental Death and Disability Benefit (ADDB)

Additional coverage that provides Death benefits and Total Permanent or Partial Disability Benefits on the Insured’s self caused by an Accident. This Additional Coverage can be renewed without re-risk selection until the Insured reaches the age of 70 years or until the end of the Coverage Premium Payment Period, whichever comes first.

Advanced Live Protector (ALP)

Additional Coverage that puts the benefit of Death until the Insured reaches the age of 70 years using the choice of Premium Payment Period for 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

Additional Coverage Program that puts Premium Liberator Benefits on basic coverage events with the Insured is a Child & Parent as a Premium Payer reaches the age of 60 years, the Insured reaches the age of 25 years or the Basic Coverage Premium Payment Period ends, whichever comes first. Premium Payment for Additional Coverage is made simultaneously using the Payment of Basic Coverage Premium.

Hospital Benefit Plus (HB Plus)

Additional Coverage that puts the benefits of Reimbursement of Hospital Care Costs for the treatment of the Insured in the Hospital due to Illness or Accident. This Additional Coverage provides protection until the Basic Coverage ends or the Insured reaches the age of 66 years, whichever comes first.

Additional Coverage that provides benefits of Reimbursement of Hospital Care Costs for the treatment of the Insured in the Hospital due to Illness or Accident, which is equipped using cashless facilities so as to facilitate the treatment process in the Hospital without the need to make Cash Payments. Additional Coverage provides coverage until the Basic Coverage ends or the Insured reaches the age of 66 years, whichever comes first.

Manulife Crisis Cover (MCC)

Additional Coverage that puts the benefits of 56 Critical Diseases on the Insured without reducing the amount of Sum Insured for Death Benefits according to Basic Coverage. This Additional Coverage Period is until the Insured reaches the age of 70 years, the expiration of Basic Coverage or until using the Insured Dies, whichever comes first.

Manulife Medicare Pus (MMP)

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