15 Questions About Life and Health Insurance That Everyone Always Asks

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Avoid confusion by finding answers to various questions about life insurance contributions & health insurance.

There are still many people who are not sure about the importance of having coverage dues to be a form of protection from the risk of financial loss. One of the questions about coverage dues that are still relatively often asked: why do I need to have coverage dues?

In fact, many conditions that have the potential to make you experience financial losses, for example when suddenly sick and obliged to seek treatment or hospitalization. For example, you have an accident that makes you unable to earn income as a result of not being able to provide for the family.

Various risks cannot be predicted and can occur at any time. The effort you can make to anticipate incidents that can cause you to experience financial losses is to have insurance. Two premium products that need to be your priority are life premiums and health coverage dues.

You may be curious what the reason is. Let’s see the answers to various questions about life premiums and questions about health premiums that are often asked below. 15 Questions About Life and Health Insurance that Are Often Asked

1.  Do I need to have life insurance?

This question of soul premium is arguably the most fundamental. In fact, not everyone needs to have a life premium. Life insurance contribution products are more important for people who are the backbone of the family, travel frequently, have high-risk jobs, and have long-term debt. The main benefit of life premium is to provide financial protection to the family if you die globally.

The premium company will cash out the insurance you pay in the form of cash to the family left behind. The money can be used to pay funeral expenses, finance daily necessities, pay debts or installments that have not been repaid, and others.  How to choose the right life coverage dues?

There are several things that you can consider in determining the right life insurance, namely:

The amount of insurance. Ideally, the allocation of funds to pay life insurance contributions is 10-20% based on your monthly income.

Benefits offered. There are several types of life insurance that provide good benefits. Starting based on the specified protection period or a lifetime, into savings, until it becomes an investment instrument.

Reputation of the insurance company. Study the profiles of several insurance companies, & choose a company that has a good track record. 3.  When is the best time to buy a life premium?

When you are married or have dependents. The sooner you buy life insurance dues, the insurance you have to pay will be cheaper.  How does the insurance company determine the amount of premiums that must be paid?

Generally, premium companies choose the amount of insurance according to the profile of the prospective policy owner. Some of the factors considered in the profile are age, medical history, lifestyle, and protection period.  Will the insurance premium be refunded?

This includes one of the most asked questions regarding insurance. An Ipsos survey in 2015 explained that premium returns are one of the primary considerations of customers in determining coverage contribution products.

The answer according to this question depends on the type of premium you buy. Some premium products have a feature of returning coverage dues claimed no claim bonus or return on premium. This feature provides a refund of premiums using certain conditions. For example, the completion of the coverage dues contract runs within a certain time span & no claim occurs, you will get a refund of premiums. This insurance return feature is widely offered by life insurance contribution products and health insurance.  Who needs to have health premiums?

Everyone needs to have health insurance because everyone has a risk for illness and health care always increases. Health coverage contribution products can put protection on anyone, ranging from children to adults.  Why do health coverage contributions need to be owned?

To put protection from the risk of financial loss of the impact of illness. By having health coverage dues, you do not need to spend a large amount of cash when suddenly sick, must undergo treatment or even to be hospitalized. The insurance company will cover your treatment porto in sync using the provisions listed on the coverage dues policy so that you can focus on the recovery process.  What are covered by health coverage dues?

Information about what is covered by health coverage contributions is listed on the policy that you and the premium company have agreed together. Generally, health insurance will cover porto treatment for diseases that are common (not critical illness), provide hospitalization compensation, compensation in the ICU room, and death compensation. However, there are also health insurance that can protect you from the risk of critical illness such as heart disease or cancer. Critical illness health insurance generally covers from porto hospitalization to some medical actions that need to be done by the hospital.  Do all health premiums cover the same thing?

This also includes the question of coverage dues that are quite often asked. The answer is, the coverage of health premium dependents can be between products from one product to another. There is health insurance that covers porto hospitalization, some are not. In addition, although generally health insurance does not cover the costs of critical illness care, there are also products that provide these benefits.  How to determine health insurance?

Know in advance your needs, then choose the most appropriate health coverage contributions. For example, you are susceptible to suffering from certain diseases as a result of potentially often undergoing hospitalization, so make sure the health premium you buy will bear the cost of hospitalization.  Is the value of health premium coverage restricted?

The cost of health insurance coverage has the highest limit or ceiling. The higher the ceiling, generally the wider the financing coverage, and the possibility of you having to spend cash when seeking treatment is smaller.  Can health premiums be used in all sick homes?

The question of health premiums is relatively often asked because customers usually want to have coverage dues that can be used at the nearest hospital. Generically, health premiums can be used in all sick residences, however, the mechanism can vary.

In hospitals that work with certain premium companies, you can take advantage of cashless facilities when using health coverage dues at the hospital. Simply give a premium membership card to the hospital clerk, and porto treatment will be covered by the premium company. So, you don’t need to spend a penny when treating at the hospital where you are sick earlier.  What if your hospital does not work together using your health insurance?

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