Advantages vs Disadvantages of Allianz Life Insurance Products

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Life InsuranceOnFebruary 10, 2016

Allianz Insurance is the error of one insurance company that has been established for a long time in Indonesia and is always trusted by citizens to protect your family based on unexpected risks. Various kinds of products have been widely spewed by Allianz and adapted using the conditions and needs of your family, such as Allianz soul premium, which is present in various coverage schemes. Advantages & Disadvantages of Allianz Life Insurance

Allianz life and health insurance are 2 excellent products used to help citizens. However, as a prospective customer you also need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each, as a consideration so that you are able to make a careful decision. The following are the advantages of Allianz’s pure life coverage dues:Cheap insurance prices without any other additional portoThis insurance is not tied up in a very outdated time frame.The claim process is not complicated and easy to disburse using mild conditionsValue based on sum insured each protection benefit is permanent

However, this pure life insurance also has a number of shortcomings that you must know, including:Funds can be lost or forfeited if there is no claimThe amount of dues coverage is fixed and unchanged because there is no investmentNot receiving compensation in the form of investment funds if the policyholder dies

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The number of polemics and pros and cons of the existence of conventional coverage dues resulted in several insurance contribution companies also presenting Sharia-based insurance products, one of which is Allianz Syariah Life Insurance.

Sharia-based insurance was chosen because of the transparency system on synchronous fund management using Shariah principles so that people know how the funds are managed. Fund management is carried out islamically so as to avoid based on riba (interest), maisir (gambling), & gharar (obscurity) All management is carried out under the supervision of the Sharia Supervisory Board. In addition, this coverage contribution applies a revenue sharing system where the profits obtained are not only the company’s profits but also yours as a customer.

However, Sharia-based insurance also has a number of disadvantages, namely:Funds collected from non-existent customers can be included in the form of careless investments, the entire process must go through the approval of the Sharia Supervisory Board.Allianz’s sharia insurance is still losing prestige according to other companies’ sharia premiumsThe nir community is so convinced by sharia insurance owned by Allianz because Allianz is not a premium product owned by indonesia originally but foreign-owned.Not all things can be insured as a result of sharia soul premiums are limited.Difference between Pure and Sharia Allianz Life Insurance Premium

Both pure life insurance contributions are also sharia, customers are required to continue to pay insurance which is the obligation of the insured party to the insurer into a condition on which the insurer will guarantee your protection and family based on risk. Allianz’s own life insurance premiums have disparities between conventional and Shariah systems, including:Pure life insurance does not have a supervisory board that oversees the activities of managing funds ad interim dues for Sharia coverage there is a supervisory bodyPremium payment on pure premium is a sale and purchase ad interim sharia premium is please helpPure insurance has no investment so there is no profit in the calculation of investment ad interim Sharia insurance has a system for output.The funds deposited on the pure coverage dues are entirely owned by the company ad interim sharia premium all funds are owned by the customer & the company’s duty is only to store funds.Funds in pure coverage dues can be forfeited if there is no claim ad interim sharia life insurance without any scorched funds

Hopefully, the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of allianz’s purely sharia life insurance dues can help you and your family to choose which type of coverage contribution product is best and does not burden you on paying premiums as a result of the protection provided optimally. Insurance Info:

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