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Pure Life Insurance Term Life option gw. Why? The reason is simple. The premium is cheap with the appropriate coverage value using protection needs. We also see manulife term life insurance indonesia offers, Allianz term life & AXA pure life insurance.

Term life insurance is a type of premium that purely provides life protection protection to the insured during the exclusive period and has no cash value according to investment output (forfeited coverage dues).

If there is something cheap, why pay for expensive insurance. Why Term Life Insurance

If you want to know more details, why is it better to determine term -life insurance, can read the following origin:Blog financial planner Ligwina Hananto ( The article gives the advantages of term-life over other soul premiums. The explanation is simple, “to the point” & very commonplace.Book “Don’t Buy Link Units…” by Freddy Pieloor. This book dissects unit links (UL) using vivid examples of various UL policies from several well-known insurance companies. Mr. Freddy was once a liability agent. As an insider, he presents detailed & insightful lighting.

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After reading the origins of the sources above and comparing with explanations and propaganda from agents who show other products, you can decide for yourself. Need term-life coverage dues, such as gw, or determine other types of soul premiums. That’s your decision.

Whatever the choice, do it with careful consideration and thought.

Do not buy because the taste is not delicious or pity. Sungkan with his agent, tired of being questioned & chased – chased at every turn. Buy it with confidence that the selected premium is indeed the most suitable and expected.

Life insurance is purchased to protect the future of children and families. If it is wrong to determine, they will be affected.

Return to term -life coverage dues.

The experience of finding term coverage dues – life, difficult – difficult – difficult is easy. You know, why is it so hard? It’s not that agents are generally very aggressively looking for potential buyers.

Well, because of the mini nisbi term-life premium, few insurance companies are willing to sell it. Even some companies have started to eliminate this product based on their portfolio.

In rendezvous with some agents, I felt term-life insurance was not a priority product to offer.

If you are asked, the agent does not provide term-life.

Precisely other products, whose premiums are more expensive, are more aggressively sold. Imagine, if the prospective buyer is blind about premiums and only relies on instructions from agents, it is certain that he will not know term-life.

At first, I wondered why I could do this for example.

Oh, as it turns out, agent commissions are influenced based on the value of premiums.

Therefore, the logical consequence, term – life whose premium is smaller, is not a priority in the order of offer. Other products use higher coverage dues, so the commission is fatter, always proffered first. Although, it is possible, term – life is actually the most suitable for prospective customers.

Therefore, when intending to buy terms – life, need to be mentally prepared to be more chatty ask in the agent.

Ask from the beginning to the agent, before being carried using other products, whether the insurance contribution company has a term – life product. Must be patient & nir easily give up when looking for it.Understanding Pure Life Insurance

I was once offered a life insurance dues that claimed to be term – life. In fact, the completion is examined more on, the contribution of coverage is not term – life.

How to make sure insurance includes term – life? At the very least, the following features need to be possessed.a. Coverage Period

Limited coverage period, that is, protection is only valid for a certain period. The shortest is 1 yr, while the longest can be 20 years. The period when free protection is chosen, depending on the need.

Insurance that provides lifelong protection, or up to 99 years, is apparently not term – life. This type of insurance is claimed by whole life.

The period of accountability becomes important. The limited coverage period lowers the price of premiums. The longer it is, the more expensive the premium. Maknya, term -life insurance premiums are cheaper than whole life.

After all, does it need coverage until the age of 99?

The homogeneous number of life expectancy in Indonesia ranges from the age of 65 years. It wasn’t until the age of 99 that most of the grand was deceased.

Again, if even given the age of over 65 to 99 years, children who become coverage can be ascertained to have lived independently as a result of which they do not need to pay costs based on parents again.

For what to have a premium with the coverage period so far, the consequences of which must pay premiums more expensive.b. No Cash Value

Critically, term-life does not put a cash value.

Cash value is money returned when there is no claim. Without cash value, is forfeited insurance. There is no refund of coverage dues on term – life.

This is what distinguishes term life using whole life and UL which both provide cash value. The policy owner is entitled to get back the cash value if there is no claim or the cash value can be used as collateral for premium payment loans.

Again – again about the price. By not putting cash value, the price of term -life insurance coverage contributions becomes cheaper than other types of coverage contributions. The cash value is not free but there is a price. That is, more expensive dues.c. Pure Life Insurance Premiums

The amount of term-life coverage contribution premium can be the same during an exclusive period (e.g. 5 years) after that it rises, or increases continuously every year.

For example, the first five years, insurance paid flat at £1.5m a year, then in year six rose to two million more flats until year 10 and beyond.

Meanwhile, the other, the first year insurance 1 million, the 2nd year rose 1.1 million, the third year rose again 1.2 million and so on.

The type of insurance that changes each year charges first-year insurance that is cheaper than flat premiums. While this type of insurance is flat, the initial insurance is larger, but the premium does not change during the exclusive period.

I choose premiums that go up every year, not flat ones. The increase in honor every year is needed to neutralize the increase in insurance that is also every year.

So, even though premiums go up, but in percentage terms to salary, the payment of non-contributions changes.Examples of Term Life Insurance

I collected some examples of pure soul premiumsManulifeManulife term life insurance indonesia

ProActive Plus. ProActive Plus is a life premium program that puts protection during the exclusively synchronous period of your needs, namely: 5 – 20 years.

So, if anyone is reluctant to take term life, on the grounds of forfeited premium money, it is necessary to ask whether the price of more expensive premiums is not the same, or even greater, compared to the return of premium money.

In addition to Manulife, other coverage contribution companies that provide term life coverage dues are:Allianz Life Insurance

Pure life insurance at Allianz in the form of additional insurance (rider) Term Life that puts protection on heirs to get additional life compensation if the insured becomes the breadwinner of global death due to illness or accident.

Because Allianz’s term life is an additional insurance, it is necessary to purchase the main insurance in order to be able to take advantage of the term life at Allianz.AXA Life Insurance

AXA Indonesia life insurance puts 100% to 200% of the sum insured for all incidents of illness or accidents that result in a global risk of death.

Term Life Insurance is a type of life insurance contribution that will pay benefits as much as the Sum Insured that has been determined if the Participant / Insured dies globally within the insurance period.

In AXA there is also a class term life, namely AXA Medicare Group Term Life. Group term life is a term life coverage contribution for a group, for example one company, which is used for employees in the company.

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Premiums do not return but the compensation of insurance prices becomes cheaper.

This is about term -life premiums. It can be contemplated and considered, before buying life insurance dues.

Want to understand can be seen Term Life Insurance Premiums.

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