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If you are a health premium policy holder based on a particle premium company, do not be surprised if one day you visit me for treatment, your insurance company will not bear the medical burden borne on you. Until now, most insurance companies except Jamsostek & ASKES Sosial do not bear the burden of medical costs of patients who seek treatment to a psychiatrist.

Usut has usut it turns out this is related to the condition of mental illness known to be Chronic Relapsing Disease is a chronic pain condition and not infrequently relapse. Some metabolic diseases and congenital diseases are also not included in the dependents of health insurance companies. Perhaps for the insurance dues company, the condition of psychiatric illness is not profitable.

Actually psychiatric disorders in this millennium era is a medical disorder that is often experienced. A fellow disease doctor said that almost 50% of patients who arrived for treatment due to heartburn (stomach) disorders to him were actually caused by stress. So we are actually incapable of fixating on making a dichotomy that the mental disorder is always a severe mental patient of schizophrenia or who is often considered by the general to be a crazy patient. Without physical health alone, who’s definition of healthy also conveys healthy soul and body.

In 2020 WHO even predicts depression will be the most common non-infectious disease. Even developed countries like America have lost trillions of dollars each year due to depression either exclusively or indirectly. But unfortunately poly people still feel afraid and embarrassed if they are obliged to consult a psychiatrist.

No wonder it is that condition, even patients who come for treatment to gw because of psychosomatic conditions are still often asked “Doc, am I mentally disturbed?” Lha has certainly been affected by a mental disorder, but not a mental disorder that for example is considered crazy. Readers understand that sleeplessness or difficulty sleeping alone includes psychiatric disorders in sync with the WHO’s assessment manual.

Back to the premium feud that does not want to pay claims based on patients who seek treatment to a mental doctor aka psychiatrist, from me this is a stigmatization for mentally ill patients. Imagine exactly what a mental disorder is different from other medical disorders. The development of psychiatry, especially in developed countries, has been very good. Mental illness has been viewed to be a brain disease, it is not an abnormality in the structure of the brain as in stroke patients or brain tumors, but rather a condition on the nervous & hormonal system, especially endocrine in the brain and all body systems. Even today Depression is called to be a disease of the body system not just the brain.

One more thing is to be a psychiatrist who usually handles mental health problems in generic medical patients such as severe stress, brain tumors, strokes, diabetes mellituss and other generic medical disorders herbi patients who are covered by premiums sometimes make patients and doctors hassles. Once I was consulted by patients who did not want to eat drugs and there was no motivation to recover because they refused all treatments. When consequential then the patient is better and finally able to go home using good conditions. Not long after came a letter based on the patient’s loka premium as a client, the insurer asked why the patient was consulted and whether the patient was a patient with a mental disorder. Because if so, the insurance claim will not be paid. Even the company’s doctors revealed whether patients had psychosomatic disorders. Though understanding the truth about what psychosomatic is, I’m sure they don’t know. You can imagine how flawed mental disorders are so thick. After all, actually if the patient is not consulted, the patient will stay longer in the hospital and the beneficiary of coverage pay so poly for something that can actually be handled using connecting the patient to a psychiatrist.

We hope that later this condition will change so that there will be no more discriminatory treatment of mentally ill patients, regardless of the type of disorder.

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