5 Benefits of Life Insurance, Know First Before Buying!

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Do you already know how important & what are the benefits of life premiums? Don’t be late! Why? Check it out in this article! Life insurance

Still poly people who do not have insurance because they still do not understand what insurance is, what it uses & why we need coverage dues.

Though this premium is an important aspect of financial security & poly once who is not aware of this aspect.

In achieving financial freedom, whatever the work must start with a solid financial foundation.

Like a house, if the foundation of our residence is not strong, the house will not be sturdy when built.

So according to that, in financial planning, we know the name of the financial pyramid. Within the financial pyramid, the initial foundation is financial security.

My Financial Pyramid

In financial security, we discuss cash flow improvement, debt management, emergency funds & the latter is dues coverage as a form of risk management.

What does it mean to use risk management for yourself? Who, anyway here who is not able to avoid the following events:SickAccidentDisabledDied globally

When we faced the 4 incidents earlier, have we prepared everything using carefully?

For example, one time you get sick. Pain will affect work performance which then affects the decline of bonuses, even though your needs even increase because you fall ill.

Ever imagined it? What if that happens? Do you have any other anticipation or planning for your finances? What are you going to do?

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your family if this happened?

This is the reason why you need insurance, especially when you already have dependents. You really need a soul premium.

Life Insurance is a type of insurance to protect financial losses that occur or loss of income due to death based on the giver of income in the family earlier.

Life insurance is present to be a form of anticipation for families whose livelihoods are cut off after being left behind the backbone of the family.

But the question now is, ‘Do professionals need life insurance?’ Of course it needs to be! Especially life insurance, especially if you already have dependents.5 Life Insurance Benefits

What exactly are the benefits you think have a soul premium? Here are 5 benefits that you should understand when you have life insurance. Benefits #1 Debt Will Not Be Inherited

You may not often hear stories about people who can inherit debts from their parents.

Most of the stories we hear make it difficult for them to manage their finances, as a result of which they are obliged to sacrifice their lives to sell themselves.

Of course you don’t want your child to be entangled in the same thing, right? Well, by having a soul premium, you will have sum insured.

This sum insured can be used to pay long-term debts.

Of course this money will protect our families based on unresolved debts before global death.

So, your spouse & children will not experience difficulties like people’s stories.

So, what is the ideal sum insured for us? Everyone has an incompatible answer to this question.

Because everything has calculations & considerations from several aspects. If only the error of calculating one thing, this could actually harm us, even the effect, can make the family left behind will not receive adequate protection.

Therefore, it is crucial for us to know the ideal amount about this sum insured. Then how to find out the ideal amount of sum insured?

Read: How to Calculate Sum Insured Money!

Benefits #2 Family Livelihood

Maybe you have never thought so, but what if you are still at a productive age with a partner and children who still rely on you, but you must leave this world first?

What will happen using your children’s education? What will your wife go through? Of course, you will not have the heart to leave your loved ones experiencing difficulties because of your absence in their lives.

Life insurance puts a burden relief for those who are left behind because it can be an inheritance for your spouse and child.

At least your partner has a year to recover and find a family livelihood and your child is able to finish school until college.

Are you still delaying to have life insurance when poly once that we have to protect? Benefit #3 Helps Funeral Costs

Passing away may be the finish line for us, but it’s not for the families left behind. When we die, the family still has to bear the cost of the funeral.

With life insurance dues, your family does not need to bother using funeral expenses because the sum insured according to the dues will help your family pay the bill.

Life insurance will protect you and your family, as a result of which your family’s financial cash flow will not be affected by great effects when you, being the head of the family, cannot provide for them anymore. Benefits #4 Leaving a Legacy

If you want to make sure your children and grandchildren get welfare later, life insurance can be an alternative to prepare an inheritance because the sum insured will come out when you die the world.

You are able to determine who will get the sum insured based on life insurance.

If you are afraid of an inheritance that is only stored, afraid of being lost and also afraid of being used prematurely, you can keep it in life insurance.

You can certainly ensure that your children and grandchildren later, will still be able to live a prosperous life. Benefits #lima Protect Children’s Education Savings Until Undergraduate College

Of course you want your children to be able to go to college with highs and as successful people, right? But what happens if you have to leave this global first?

Won’t your child’s education savings stop? Without life insurance, yes, it can be. However, you don’t need to worry because the soul premium is able to protect your child’s education savings until college.

Therefore, protect the future of your family with life insurance contributions.

You are able to calculate your insurance needs by using the implementation of My Finances. So, the sum insured you get will certainly be in sync using your needs and abilities. Life Insurance, Basic Protection For Yourself & Family

Life insurance is not an investment, but a protection against your family’s financial cash flow using the purpose of self-protection and family protection.

You will not feel confused when the risks of life you cannot avoid.

If you are confused about your finances, do not hesitate to ask for donations in experts. You can contact me or any other financial planner through the implementation of my Finances.

How:Download my Financial App on the Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store (Click the link to download)Use the Financial Consulting menu

How to Consult Finance using the Keuanganku app

After reading this article, I have a confirmation you already know how to make a budget for your finances.

Share this fact with your friends or relatives who don’t know how to create rules for your finances. Good luck!

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