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Life insurance is insurance that aims to cover people against unexpected financial losses caused by death too soon or their lives too long. Here it is indescribable that in the premium of the soul, the risk faced is the risk of death or the risk of a person’s life for too long. This is certainly the goods will bring many aspects, if the risks contained in an uninsured person to the company dues life coverage. For example, a guarantee for offspring, a father if he dies globally prematurely or suddenly, the child will not be abandoned in his life. It can also happen to a person who has reached the age of his chairmanship and is unable to make a living or finance his children, then buy life insurance dues, the risk that may be suffered in the sense of losing the opportunity to receive income will be borne by the insurance contribution company. It turns out here, that the institution of life insurance contributions has benefits with the primary purpose is to bear or guarantee a person against financial losses. Business field[origin edit]

Life insurance mainly covers the dues of coverage for people. In this type of premium, insurance is usually given to each individual and non-group. Financing or dependents on insurance for persons are given due to errors of one of five things related to the individual requirements of the recipient of life premiums. Each is death, accident, illness, unemployment or old age. Life insurance due to death, accident or illness is usually provided by the particle company. While life insurance contributions related to using unemployment and old age are usually provided by the state government into a form of social coverage contributions. In some countries, the government also provides a life premium for accidents or deaths with exclusive events. While private companies also provide life premiums for the unemployed and old age under special conditions. This condition is generally accompanied by a life premium policy by saving money. [1] Nature[original edit]

Life insurance in general is not clear in terms of coverage of the insurer when the bala befalls the party covered by the insurance. Generally, premium companies do not disclose coverage on how to obtain money used to cover life insurance dues. The same goes for the money. In addition, the insured party also does not know how the life insurance company fulfills the responsibilities conveyed in the life premium policy. This condition applies when the policyholder is killed in the world. The cause is that the policy will be given to the heirs in the form of an exclusive amount of money that has been set out in the policy. In this condition, the policyholder cannot supervise the process of giving money because he has died. Another uncertainty is natural, namely the absence of knowledge of the future. Policyholders and insurance companies do not know at all about the way and when disasters occur. This vagueness generally applies in conventional premiums. While in sharia coverage dues, this uncertainty is stopped. [2] Source edit interaction marketing]

In life premiums, generally companies do interaction marketing using insurance policyholders. The purpose of interaction marketing is to maintain a good relationship with policyholders in the long run. This nature is the impact according to the insurance of life insurance contributions that are generally not completed in just a few years. Life insurance contribution contracts for at least 1 year and generally can reach 90 years. This condition makes interaction marketing applicable to policyholders for a lifetime. Relationship marketing that reaches when long-term signifies the company & policyholder of the life insurance contribution policy. [3 source edits]^ Hasan, Nurul Ichsan (2014). Introduction to Sharia Insurance (PDF). Jakarta: Reference (Gaung Persada Press Group). pp. 102–103. ISBN 978-979-9152-41-1.^ Abdullah, Olive (2020). Sharia Insurance Law: Principles of Justice in Sharia Insurance & Its Application in Indonesia (PDF). Depok: Rajawali Pers. p. 13. ISBN 978-623-231-686-7. Archived by original version (PDF) dated 2021-08-01. Accessed freelancing 2021-08-01.^ Amron (2018). Insurance Principles and Relationship Marketing Strategies: Analysis of Relationship Marketing Strategies by Side Marketer Based on Insurance Principles (PDF). Semarang: Master Library Stalker. p. five. ISBN 978-602-0952-98-7.

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