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The Best Life Insurance to Protect Your Family

No Return on Premiums

Term life insurance whose premiums are forfeited at the end of the policy period, there are also no claims.

100% at the end of the policy period if no claim occurs.” src=”” title=”With Premium Return”>With Premium Return

Term life insurance uses the premium feature to return up to >100% at the end of the policy period if there is no claim.

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The definition of life insurance contributions is an event of protection against oneself or others for financial losses from life risks that may occur, including the risk of global death.

What types of products are available for life protection premiums?

The types of products available are divided into term life insurance premiums (term life insurance) and life insurance contributions (whole life insurance).

What is term life insurance dues or term life insurance?

Understanding term life protection premium or term life insurance is a type of premium that provides protection for the insured in a certain period of time. Generally, the contract offered for this type of coverage contribution product is for 5 to 20 years with fixed insurance and is classified as the cheapest insurance option for life protection.

What is lifetime life insurance or whole life insurance?

Like the understanding of life protection premiums in general, this premium also protects the insured for financial losses based on life risks that may occur, and becomes for example a type of whole life insurance product. But, in particular, the lifetime life protection premium or whole life insurance provides protection within a lifetime for the insured. Although lifelong, there is still an aporisma age limit of 100 years.

What are not the basics of contracts in insurance for life protection?

The basis of the contract in insurance for life protection only includes the principle of valuable (having the value of redeeming the policy with a certain amount of money in the period when exclusive and guaranteed to be the right of the policyholder), unilateral (only one party alone —the premium company —who makes a promise that has legal force over the life protection premium agreement), and aleatory (one party puts to the other party something of value in exchange for a conditional promise agreement).

What are the benefits of coverage dues for life protection?

Premium benefits for life protection include world death compensation due to natural causes or accidents and disability compensation remains the total impact of accidents. The purpose according to the importance of ownership of life protection coverage contributions certainly also includes as protection for the family according to the economic burdens that may exist if the head of the family dies in the world or is unable to receive income again.

What is the difference between premiums for life and health?

The difference in coverage dues for life & health lies in the type of profit. Generally, health premiums will only cover the porto of sick residence (hospitalization, doctors, medications, and actions) to the operating costs of the conditions stated on the policy. Meanwhile, life insurance is a contribution to coverage that covers financial losses if the customer dies or experiences physical stigma.

What is a premium policy for life protection?

Insurance policy for life protection is a contract document of cooperation agreement in writing & legal force between the premium provider company and the policyholder. In this contract, the liability fee company is willing to bear the risks that the insured has in a period when a certain agreement is in sync. While the policyholder is obliged to pay a certain amount of insurance as a risk transfer porto whose amount is appropriate using the life protection premium agreement.

Life protection insurance is purely a contribution of coverage that provides protection to yourself or others for financial losses from biological risks such as death, without the combination of investment products and savings at all. The advantage of pure life protection coverage dues is that customers do not need to worry about additional risks that may arise due to losses or losses based on their investment products.

What is the difference between pure life insurance and life protection in general?

In general, the soul premium includes pure life protection coverage contributions & unit link life protection coverage dues. The difference is, unit link coverage contributions offer additional benefits in the form of investment products or savings, while pure life protection premiums have no them at all.

What is sharia soul premium?

Life protection insurance with sharia principles is a form of protection according to the risk of world death and physical disability according to the principle of mutual help and mutual protection between participants through contributions to the Tabarru Fund. Tabarru fund is a collection of benevolent funds according to the donation money of premium participants with sharia principles that unanimous decisions to help each other if there is a risk between them. One example of a company in Indonesia is PT Asuransi Jiwa Syariah Al Amin.

Life insurance using an online system is an insurance service that aims to put the benefits of protection against the impact of financial losses from the impact of a dead world with all mechanisms supported using the ease of technology through a comprehensive system online. This online system aims to make it easier for customers, both in the registration process, purchase, to submit claims.

What is the meaning of death insurance?

Death insurance is another word according to life protection coverage dues because this insurance puts protection benefits if an insured dies in the world in the coverage period, either dying from illness or accident. However, death coverage contributions alone do not include other risks such as partial stigma or total disability.

How to buy life protection premium in Qoala?

You can buy the best & trusted life protection contribution products through Choose a life protection contribution product that you feel is the most suitable and beautiful according to your needs, then make insurance payments digitally. After that, Qoala will send a request for a premium policy application to the premium company. if approved, the insurance fee company and Qoala will issue an agreed electronic policy certificate. The electronic policy will be sent to customers via e-mail. Note: simulate the cost of life insurance dues, please check directly on each type of product.

How and procedures for life insurance claims in Qoala?

How and procedures for claims for life protection premium products in Qoala can be done digitally by submitting a claim form, identity, family card, world death warrant or doctor’s letter stating that the participant suffers from a total permanent disability that cannot be cured, and a police information letter if needed. Make sure all claim documents are complete and sent without more according to the maximum limit of submitting benefit claims since the date of the disaster occurred that has been affected on the policy.

What are the list of life protection insurance contribution companies in Indonesia?

There are poly insurance companies that provide life protection insurance products in the country. In Qoala, you can buy Life Shield Insurance from Lippo Life Insurance to Sahabat Jiwa Insurance based on AXA Life Insurance. Meanwhile, various models of this reliable insurance company also offer the best life protection products in Indonesia, such as Prudential, Manulife, Sinarmas, Allianz, Sequis Life, Tugu Mandiri, AXA Mandiri, PT Asuransi Jiwa InHealth Indonesia, BCA Life, and many more.

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